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Medical Legal Partnership with the University of Minnesota's Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit

This innovative partnership -- the first oncology based Medical Legal Partnership in the Upper Midwest -- integrates legal care with health care by providing an on-site legal clinic in the Blood and Marrow Transplant unit one day a week. Since the program began in May 2014, patients at the BMT are able to talk about their legal needs face to face with a Cancer Legal Line attorney on site.

Our goal is that this Medical-Legal Partnership will lead to better health outcomes and fewer emergency-based legal needs down the road. For example, creating a Power of Attorney is a very straightforward legal document when created before it is needed. In contrast, a spouse seeking emergency guardianship over his or her spouse who is no longer able to act on their own behalf is a very drastic and complicated legal proceeding.

The number Medical-Legal Partnerships is increasing nationwide as the link between patient outcomes and legal care becomes more clear.

CALL Lindy Yokanovich at 651.917.9000 to learn more about this exciting new way of caring for your patients.

Our Partners

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