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Emergency financial assistance from your county of residence

These programs provide short term, one-time assistance to aid those in a financial crisis due to illness, eviction, foreclosure, loss of job, utility shut off, or other major event.   A person can receive Emergency Assistance once in a 12-month period.  Funds will be provided through these programs only if doing so resolves the emergency.  For example, a request for emergency assistance with rent to avoid eviction may be rejected if the individual or family cannot afford the rent payments on an ongoing basis.  In that case, other types of aid should be requested.

There are several emergency assistance programs, each serving a different population.  Each program has its own eligibility criteria and different benefits:

Emergency Assistance (EA) 

EA serves: Eligible Minnesota families; with children under age 21; who have an emergency that threatens a child's health or safety

Emergency Minnesota Supplemental Aid (EMSA)

EMSA serves: MSA recipients

Emergency General Assistance (EGA)

EGA serves: Eligible individuals, married couples, or families in an emergency, and who are not eligible for EA or EMSA.

Emergency Medical Assistance (EMA)

EMA serves: Those who don't qualify for other medical programs due to their immigration or resident status

The applicant is not required to request a particular program. The county agency administering the program will determine which program is appropriate.  To apply for Emergency Assistance, contact the Human Services office for your county. These offices cover cash assistance, food support and health care programs in addition to emergency programs and will be able to assist you in getting the services you need. 

Click on the following link for more information on Minnesota's Economic Support programs.

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