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Public Benefits

Resources for additional information regarding government benefits

  • To search for a wide variety of benefits available from the federal and state governments.

  • For additional information about which programs in Minnesota you may qualify for.

Counseling for Seniors with Medicare and Health Insurance

  • Under the guidance of the Minnesota Board on Aging, has in-person or over the phone counseling available to assist seniors and caregivers with their Medicare and health insurance questions. Appointments are taken by calling the phone number provided on their website for your location within the Seven-County Metro Area. The main phone number is 800-333-2433.

Information on Disability Benefits

Medical Assistance in Minnesota

Unemployment Insurance In Minnesota

Our Partners

  • Susan G. Komen Minnesota
    Susan G. Komen Minnesota
  • Otto Bremer Trust
    Otto Bremer Trust
  • Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation
    Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation
  • Minnesota State Bar Foundation
    Minnesota State Bar Foundation
  • Fredrikson & Byron Foundation
    Fredrikson & Byron Foundation
  • Legal Services Advisory Committee
    Legal Services Advisory Committee
  • Hennepin County Bar Foundation
    Hennepin County Bar Foundation