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What We Do

  • How do I take time off from work and keep my job?
  • How do I appeal an insurance denial?
  • Who can I talk to about money and paying my mortgage?
  • Should I apply for Social Security Disability?
  • Where can I get help with a Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive, or Will?

Since October 2007, over 9,400 Minnesotans have turned to Cancer Legal Care with these and other questions.

Cancer Legal Care provides free legal care to Minnesotans affected by cancer struggling legal issues that directly impact their health and quality of life. By doing so, our clients are better able to focus their energies on healing rather than an endless loop of "what if" and worry.

Cancer Legal Care is the only organization of its kind in the state of Minnesota providing targeted legal care to the Minnesota cancer community. Cancer Legal Care's staff and volunteer attorneys  have been recognized by Minnesota's cancer and legal communities for the unique services provided to the Minnesotans cancer community.


Our Partners

  • Susan G. Komen Minnesota
    Susan G. Komen Minnesota
  • Otto Bremer Trust
    Otto Bremer Trust
  • Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation
    Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation
  • United Way Washington County East
    United Way Washington County East
  • Comprehensive Research Group
    Comprehensive Research Group
  • Minnesota State Bar Foundation
    Minnesota State Bar Foundation
  • Fredrikson & Byron Foundation
    Fredrikson & Byron Foundation
  • Federal Bar Association--MN Chapter
    Federal Bar Association--MN Chapter
  • Legal Services Advisory Committee
    Legal Services Advisory Committee
  • Dorsey & Whitney Foundation
    Dorsey & Whitney Foundation
  • Greenwald Wealth Management
    Greenwald Wealth Management
  • Hennepin County Bar Foundation
    Hennepin County Bar Foundation