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Who We Are

Cancer Legal Care's Legal Care Program has provided legal care information and representation services to over 3,000 Minnesotans who had no other place to turn for the legal issues that directly impact their health and quality of life.

In 2017,

  • 41% of our clients came to us with a Stage IV cancer diagnosis
  • 92% report that they are one paycheck or disability check away from not being able to meet their monthly living expenses
  • 10% of clients who are homeowners have missed one or more mortgage payments since their treatment began

After receiving legal care:

  • 94% have reduced stress and improved mental well-being
  • 58% have an improved ability to maintain their continuity of care
  • 53% report that their financial situation improved as a result of the legal care they received
  • 51% have a mitigated risk for homelessness
  • 48% have an improved ability to obtain or maintain their insurance coverage.

While these numbers speaks the growing recognition of the need for legal care, its need and impact is best understood one family at a time.

Natalie's Story

In my hour of need and vulnerability, Cancer Legal Line matched me up with an attorney who helped me make life altering choices. I'm forever grateful and touched by the caring and kindness towards me. I wouldn't have had any resources to help me if Cancer Legal Line hadn't been there.

Kate's Story

Legal issues, from wills to health care directives, really weighed on my mind. I put off completing them for years simply because I had no idea where to begin or where to get information. Cancer Legal Line responded the same day and they were a wealth of information. Having these documents completed has allowed me to focus on family, friend, and a job. A weight has been lifted! I can't possibly express my appreciation for their help.

Ladley's Story

I am a long-term childhood cancer survivor with neuro-cognitive deficits resulting from radiation and chemo at a young age. I first learned about Cancer Legal Line during a presentation they did on the Americans with Disabilities Act at the University of Minnesota's Annual Cancer Survivorship Conference.

I feared being laid off from my job because of my neuro-cognitive disabilities. Cancer Legal Line connected me with an attorney who advised me on my ADA rights and how I should conduct myself during meetings with my employer. This was a frightful time from me - having some to contact and advise was a life saver. Because of the stressful nature of this employment situation, I chose not to pursue any legal action. However, I promptly applied for and received unemployment, which helped me through my next employment steps.

Cancer Legal Line helped me through a difficult time and encouraged me to connect with other support services. I have since received services through Vocational Rehabilitation, continue to receive support through Goodwill Easter Seals, and I am in the long process of an appeal for SSDI benefits. I would have never made these contacts had it not been for Cancer Legal Line.

Jim's Story

My sister Linda was only 61 when she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer - her third time with cancer. Always self-reliant, she managed her treatments and medications for as long as she could. But with each passing week, she lost a little more ground and soon I was her caregiver. An unrelenting stream of claims, applications, and releases complicated our already confusing days in and out of the hospital. But nothing caused Linda greater anxiety than some unsettled legal matters. Eventually, we were referred to Cancer Legal Line. I made the call and explained my sister's situation. It wasn't long before I heard the words "yes, we'll help." It was as simple as that. By the end of the day Linda and I were in conversations with a volunteer attorney and her legal needs were getting sorted out. Just being able to talk through her issues with a good listener gave my sister a new sense of calm. She was so relieved to have someone advising her - and helping me.

After three weeks in hospice, Linda died August 4, 2011. Cancer Legal Line and their colunteer attorneys have been there for me every step of the way.

Our Partners

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