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Our Impact

Our Impact

Who are Cancer Legal Care's clients?

They are your neighbors, friends, family members, and colleagues. 

They, like so many Minnesotans, are facing not only the physical and emotional toll of cancer, but its financial and legal toll as well.

  • 41% of our clients come to us with a Stage IV cancer diagnosis
  • 92% report that they are one paycheck or disability check away from not being able to meet their monthly living expenses
  • 28% report that they have missed a mortgage payment or are at imminent risk of foreclosure

After receiving legal care:

94% of our responding clients report they would contact us again for another issue

68% report that legal care reduced their stress and worry

60% report that their financial situation improved as a direct result of the legal care they received

We offer help for a range of legal issues that can accompany a cancer diagnosis.

Here are some of our clients' stories.

Vicki's Story

Our Partners

  • Susan G. Komen Minnesota
    Susan G. Komen Minnesota
  • Otto Bremer Trust
    Otto Bremer Trust
  • Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation
    Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation
  • United Way Washington County East
    United Way Washington County East
  • Greenwald Wealth Management
    Greenwald Wealth Management
  • Comprehensive Research Group
    Comprehensive Research Group
  • Minnesota State Bar Foundation
    Minnesota State Bar Foundation
  • Fredrikson & Byron Foundation
    Fredrikson & Byron Foundation
  • Legal Services Advisory Committee
    Legal Services Advisory Committee