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"I was so relieved to have someone with legal expertise in my corner."

CLC can now help eligible clients apply for Social Security benefits.

This article originally appeared in Minnesota Physician: October 2022, Volume XXXVI, Number 07

"I’m sure the people who donate have no idea how much they took off my shoulders during that time."

"To anyone who’s thinking about donating, I can say from direct experience as a family member who has dealt with this: CLC’s work is such a huge positive."

"When I went to the clinic to begin treatments, the coordinator nurse told me my new insurer was refusing to pay for anything."

"CLC just does a wonderful job of supporting the little guy.”

The legal part of Cancer Legal Care was wonderful but we got so much more out of it, including wonderful verbal and emotional support.

New report shows the deck is stacked against folks.

"You shouldn't be talking to me! Talk to my lawyer!"

The stress of these kinds of problems, and what it does to your immune system, to your sleep patterns, and to your psychological well-being… it’s oppressive. As if dealing with cancer isn’t bad enough!

I get to start this fundraising campaign by sharing some numbers from the ICARE program. As you read these, keep in mind that these numbers are for the last four months alone, which is pretty incredible.

It's one thing to read the numbers in a financial report—'Cancer Legal Care has saved their clients over x dollars in the past few years'—but I would like to tell a story that is behind those numbers and what it means to me personally.