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Who We Are

Our Volunteers

"I’ve been warmed by the gratitude of the people I’m helping. I’m grateful to Cancer Legal Care for the opportunity to be of help."

—a volunteer attorney

Since 2007, our staff and volunteer attorneys have provided free direct legal care services and educational outreach valued at over $20,000,000 We have helped over 13,700 Minnesotans with legal issues stemming from their cancer diagnosis and treatment—the disability, employment, estate planning, financial, and insurance issues that weigh so heavily on their hearts and minds.

We have over 75 volunteer attorneys throughout the state, who help our staff with legal questions, and who work with our clients to provide pro bono help and resources.

Volunteer Awards

Quotes from Our Volunteer Attorneys—

The biggest thing I can say is each and every client has been so grateful. I can almost see them visibly relax as we talk, as if they can now rest easier and focus on their health knowing that their estate plan is in order. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to provide that small peace of mind to folks who are enduring so much.

It was wonderful to work with people like our client and her husband—both cancer survivors—with the understanding that the true value in our wealth is not measured by the things we own, but the relationships and lives of those we are able to touch.