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Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability

Social Security Application Assistance Program

Applying for Social Security benefits can be stressful and overwhelming. We can help.

To assist cancer patients whose high cost of treatment and inability to work is impacting their economic security, Cancer Legal Care created the Social Security Application Assistance Program (SSAAP). This program reduces barriers to disabled cancer patients applying for Social Security benefits. 

CLC provides advocacy and guidance from the start of the application process until clients start receiving their first payment.

  • We answer questions about the application, eligibility, work credits and history, waiting periods, and payment amounts.
  • We help clients complete and submit applications.

  • We gather important medical evidence to support a client’s disability claim.

  • We work to ensure applications are timely and correctly processed.

There will be no fee charged to clients eligible for the SSAAP program. CLC does not collect a fee from our client’s benefits. 

For help and to see if you are eligible, contact Meghan Scully at 651-917-9000

Some helpful information is contained in the links below:

How to Create an Online Account on the Social Security Administration Website

Sample Social Security Statement

FAQs on Social Security Disability Insurance– 5-Month Wait Period

Catch up and learn more by watching the brief, introductory Social Security Application Assistance Program webinar from February 2023.