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Who should I appoint to be the guardian of my children?

Some things to consider when deciding on a guardian for your children are:
- The relationship between the prospective guardian(s) and your children
- The desire of the prospective guardian to raise your children
- The ability and willingness of the prospective guardian to raise your children the way you want them raised
- The assets that you are able to provide and the resources that the prospective guardian(s) have available to them for raising your children
- How well your values match those of the prospective guardian(s)
- The ability of the prospective guardian(s) to keep your children together

Before appointing a guardian, make sure that the person you are considering is willing to take on the responsibility and has a genuine and deep concern for your children’s welfare. Discuss with him/her/them what it will take to raise the children in all areas concerned (educational, spiritual, physical, emotional, practical, etc.) and from where the resources will come.