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Health Care Directives

Legal Planning

Health Care Directives

What types of things should be included in a Health Care Directive?

A Health Care Directive can be as detailed or brief as you like as long as the requirements listed above are met.

Some things to consider putting in your Health Care Directive include:
- Your goals, values and preferences about your care
- Specific desires regarding hydration and feeding issues (i.e. i.v fluids, feeding tubes)
- Types of medical care and treatment you want and do not want
- What is most important for your Health Care Agent to consider in making decisions for you
- A decision making process you would like your Health Care Agent to follow
- Where you would like to receive care
- Your feelings and wishes about being an organ donor
- Your religious or spiritual beliefs
- Instructions about receiving artificial nutrition and hydration
- Who you would like to be appointed as your conservator or guardian if a court action is brought regarding your care
- Your preferences for funeral arrangements