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COBRA--Keeping Your Insurance After Your Job Ends

COBRA (The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985) provides a way for certain workers and their families the right to keep their group health insurance for a period of time after they no longer qualify for coverage under their employer’s plan, usually because they are no longer employed.

As a federal law, all states are required to comply with the provisions of COBRA.  States may add to the protections employees/workers and their dependents benefit from under  COBRA, but state law can not reduce the protections of COBRA. Additionally, an employer’s plan may provide for additional protections such as longer time periods of COBRA coverage.

The information provided below can be used as a starting point as you explore your options:

COBRA definitions

Questions about "Qualifying Events"

Nuts and Bolts: Notices and Electing COBRA Coverage

Paying for COBRA coverage

Duration and Coverage under COBRA

How and When COBRA ends and where to obtain coverage when it does